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US-2009297166-A1: Illuminative light communication device patent, US-2010030866-A1: Method and system for real-time cloud computing patent, US-2010033102-A1: Light Adjusting Device for a Light Emitting Diode and Related Light Adjusting Method and Light Emitting Device patent, US-2003148891-A1: Method of joining oxide superconductors and oxide superconductor joiner patent, US-2003162357-A1: Semiconductor device and process thereof patent, US-2003180087-A1: Method and device for weight compensation in a mechanism with closed kinematic chains patent, US-2003208235-A1: Device and method for monitoring and controlling electrical resistance at a tissue site undergoing iontophoresis patent, US-2003211044-A1: Method for tumor diagnosis comprising administering of palladium-substituted bacteriochlorophyll derivatives patent, US-2004002747-A1: Device and method to expand treatment array patent, US-2004004495-A1: Structure and methods for measurement of arbitration performance patent, US-2004026563-A1: Vertical take-off and landing vehicles patent, US-2004062348-A1: Image-based container defects detector patent, US-2004069734-A1: Arrangement for placing crane mechanisms patent, US-2004076169-A1: Fast work-conserving round robin scheduling patent, US-2004080719-A1: Projector patent, US-2004084274-A1: Transmission with a rattle-free connection between the clutch basket and the driving disc patent, US-2004094237-A1: R-Fe-B sintered magnet patent, US-2004101431-A1: Composite tool patent, US-2004134887-A1: Method of weld repariing a component and component repaired thereby patent, US-2004157628-A1: Short sleeve stent delivery catheter and methods patent, US-2004160284-A1: Oscillator and high-frequency superposing module for driving laser diode patent, US-2004170522-A1: Aluminum base alloys patent, US-2004211269-A1: Device and method for measuring torque on an electric motor patent, US-2004235850-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions of varenicline patent, US-2004252941-A1: Micro-optic fiber device patent, US-2005015505-A1: System and methods for provisioning a service for a communication device patent, US-2005060360-A1: Method, system and program product for managing system resources patent, US-2005104413-A1: High rotation angle for gas spring connection patent, US-2005161561-A1: Locking device for a telescopic tube assembly patent, US-2005174238-A1: Theft protection plug for electrical devices patent, US-2005196475-A1: Pueraria candollei var. mirifica A Shaw. & Suvat. extract patent, US-2005215755-A1: Poly(2-vinylpyridine)-b-poly(n-hexylisocyanate) amphiphilic coil-rod block copolymer and polymerization method thereof patent, US-2005246551-A1: System and method for rendering selective presentation of documents patent, US-2005255733-A1: Electrotechnical device patent, US-2005278608-A1: Communication system patent, US-2005281368-A1: Software based control system for nuclear reactor standby liquid control (SLC) logic processor patent, US-2005282685-A1: Gym bike that uses the effect of stroboscopic lights for the immediate visual control of the user's flywheel revolution speed patent, US-2006001587-A1: Rlsa antenna having two orthogonal linear polarisations patent, US-2006015323-A1: Method, apparatus, and computer program for statistical translation decoding patent, US-2006021342-A1: Hydraulic device in accordance with the features of the preamble of patent claim patent, US-2006033700-A1: Control system display screen for an appliance patent, US-2006056499-A1: Multi-pair broadband transmission system patent, US-2006058028-A1: Methods, systems, and computer program products for automatically provisioning intelligent network (IN) platforms, including home location registers (HLRS), and routing nodes with prepaid mobile subscriber information patent, US-2006067677-A1: Camera patent, US-2006074293-A1: Method and device for generating a CT data set patent, US-2006088302-A1: Fluid heating system patent, US-2006092190-A1: Strip chart temperature recorder with movable bi-metallic element assembly patent, US-2006095626-A1: Multifunction adapter patent, US-2006106978-A1: System and method for managing data from a flow analyzer patent, US-2006119925-A1: Single torsional hinge mirror package patent, US-2006140915-A1: Veterinary protocol for cellular regeneration patent, US-2006141069-A1: Synergistic antipyretic formulation patent, US-2006143901-A1: Method for removing plasticizer during manufacturing process of polymeric secondary battery and method for manufacturing polymeric secondary battery patent, US-2006153964-A1: Food oil product and the use of the same patent, US-2006168770-A1: Cord stopper patent, US-2006241197-A1: Plasticizer compositions for flexible closed cell foams patent, US-2006262634-A1: Memory device with rapid word line switch patent, US-2007057149-A1: Image sensor chip package fabrication method patent, US-2007062435-A1: Folding seat patent, US-2007062752-A1: Low floor type motorcycle patent, US-2007076158-A1: Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2007077826-A1: Computer case patent, US-2007091405-A1: Light scanning device and scanning optical system patent, US-2007096244-A1: Variable field device for process automation technology patent, US-2007103880-A1: Drawer-type all-in-one card connector patent, US-2007106970-A1: Method and apparatus for supporting integrated circuit design patent, US-2007112984-A1: Sideband bus setting system and method thereof patent, US-2007123698-A1: Process for purification of hemoglobin patent, US-2007161262-A1: Detachable magnetic electrical connector patent, US-2007164012-A1: Container manufacturing device patent, US-2007184719-A1: USB device with integrated USB plug with USB-substrate supporter inside patent, US-2007190648-A1: Microaggregates including endothelial cells patent, US-2007199958-A1: Pivoting handle retention mechanism patent, US-2007213731-A1: Pedicle Screws for Osteoporosis patent, US-2007219364-A1: Methods and Compositions for Detecting Targets patent, US-2007222721-A1: Light emission control device, display device, drive control device, and control device patent, US-2007266937-A1: Device for Spreading Adhesive patent, US-2007284209-A1: One-way bearing patent, US-2007288035-A1: Endoscopic treatment instrument and endoscope system patent, US-2007290524-A1: Vehicle cockpit with self supporting submodules patent, US-2008002474-A1: Eeprom memory having an improved resistance to the breakdown of transistors patent, US-2008029166-A1: Air valve device for an inflatable article patent, US-2008031023-A1: Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Including Charge Pump and Electronic Device Including the Semiconductor Integrated Circuit patent, US-2008055003-A1: Reduction of voltage spikes in switching half-bridge stages patent, US-2008055532-A1: Liquid crystal display panel and fabricating method thereof patent, US-2008088375-A1: Class Ad Audio Amplifier patent, US-2008128443-A1: Tint plug for paint container patent, US-2008144611-A1: Communication method and system for internet phone patent, US-2008149719-A1: System and method for collecting and analyzing multi-fields two-dimensional code patent, US-2008159153-A1: Method and apparatus for automatic trouble isolation for digital subscriber line access multiplexer patent, US-2008164147-A1: Film Forming Apparatus patent, US-2008218751-A1: Inspection device and inspection method of an object to be inspected patent, US-2008236493-A1: Plasma processing apparatus patent, US-2008248407-A1: Pellicle patent, US-2008264314-A1: Gripper for a tufting machine patent, US-2008292239-A1: Adiabatic Waveguide Transitions patent, US-2008303493-A1: Boost regulator startup circuits and methods patent, US-2009018315-A1: B7-H3 and B7-H4, Novel Immunoregulatory Molecules patent, US-2009023438-A1: Method Of Controlling Receipt Of Signals At A Terminal Of A Communications System patent, US-2009034521-A1: Apparatus, Method, and Program for Validating User patent, 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